Catalog Standardization Opportunities

details 1Services on weather and climate forecasting, specially regarding the Early Warning SystemANYWHERECommon procedures
details 2Guidelines for effective communication before, during and after crisis.CASCEFFCommon procedures
details 3Requirements for MCDM systems for cascading crisesSNOWBALLCommon procedures
details 4Contibution on Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 -2030 SPARTACUSBest Practice sharing
details 5Requirements for IEMI (Intentional ElectroMagnetic Intrusion) attack prevention and securing CI communication to be added in ISO/IEC 27002:2013StructuresCommon procedures
details 6Requirements for risk analyses suitable to use for ICT Security to be added into ISO/IEC 27002:2013StructuresCommon procedures
details 7IEMI attack prevention requirements to be added into Risk Management and Business Continuity standards. StructuresCommon procedures
details 8Best practices for exploiting social media in the scope of the management of security incidents and emergency situationsSUPERBest Practice sharing
details 9Use of UAVs in during a crisisSURVEIRONEquipment
details 10Monitoring methodology and instrument comply to Directive 2013/51/Euratom (protection of health of the general public with regard to radioactive substances in water intended for human consumption)TAWARA_RTMEquipment
details 11Use of UAV in crisis response, surveillance, etc.UPAC S-100Equipment
details 12Standards in common operational pictures for the monitoring or large areas (e.g. borders. linear critical infrastructures )UPAC S-100Equipment
details 13Standards related to the response to CBRNE atacksCATOBest Practice sharing
details 14Best practices in vulnerability identification in urban planningVITRUVBest Practice sharing
details 15Risk and vulnerability analysis tools for urban environment planningVITRUVEquipment
details 16Standards in common operational pictures for the monitoring or large areas (e.g. borders. linear critical infrastructures )ZONESECCommon procedures
details 17Communication with crowds via ultrasoundZoovel-UCCommunication equipment
details 18Services on weather and climate forecasting, specially regarding the Early Warning SystemI-REACTBest Practice sharing
details 19European Resilience Management Guideline (ERMG) to support the practical application of resilience to all CI sectorsRESILENSBest Practice sharing
details 20Toolbox serves and facilitates crisis management activities in the context of CBRN threatPRACTICECommon procedures
details 21Patient-centred emergency medical management systemCOncORDEEquipment
details 22Procedures and protocols for CBRN related Analysis - from sampling to interpretationSLAMBest Practice sharing
details 23Curricular training DITACTraining and education
details 24Standards related to the preparedness against CBRNE atacksCATOBest Practice sharing
details 25Incident evolution tool to assist decision-makers in preparing and training for crises with cascading effectsFORTRESSEquipment
details 26Anti-locking system in case of seismic eventQSaveEquipment
details 27Good practices of communication and education practices for preparedness to crisisTACTICBest Practice sharing
details 28Interoperability profiles for c2 and sensors in emergenciesC2-SENSEEquipment
details 29Requirements, new technologies and best practices in responding to emergenciesESENETCommon procedures
details 30Emergency application and servicePEACEEquipment
details 31Standards for landslide susceptibility modelling and zonationsLAMPREBest Practice sharing
details 32Application of remote sensing and ground based methods to multi-type risk analysisSENSUMEquipment
details 33Geohazard preventionGEOBest Practice sharing
details 34Active Evacuation RouteEVACUATEEquipment
details 35Standards related to the mitigation of the effects in case of CBRNE atacksCATOBest Practice sharing
details 36Construction methods and materials for UAV operating in extreme operating conditionsEXTREMDRONEquipment
details 37Protection requirements and recommendations for GSM-R for IEMISECRETCommunication equipment
details 38Resilience of built infrastructure against a terrorist threatSPIRITCommon procedures
details 39Guideline for the provision of safe seafood to consumers and reduced human health risks.ECSAFESEAFOODBest Practice sharing
details 40Training programme to build capacity and expertise in the area of psychotraumatologyCONTEXTTraining and education
details 41Resilient Management GuidelineSMRBest Practice sharing
details 42Management and policy approaches to increase coastal resilience RISC-KITBest Practice sharing
details 43Open distributed pan-European Platform for serious gamingTARGETEquipment
details 44First Responder Operation Support PlatformE-SPONDERCommon procedures
details 45Pandemic Risk ManagementPANDEMCommon procedures
details 46New methods and technologies for improved preparedness and capability to handle CBRN incidents (e.g. improved detection methods, analysis tools, decontamination equipment and medical procedures)CBRNEMAPEquipment
details 47Understanding, modelling and managing cascading effects in crisisPREDICTBest Practice sharing
details 48Network monitoring and management infrastructureDEMONSCommunication equipment
details 49Recommendations in the thematic areas of CBRN-E threat detection and analysisERNCIP CBRNE STDS 16Best Practice sharing
details 50inventory system of Waste water networks SEGUBest Practice sharing
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