Potential Standardisation Items

details 1Socio-technical gap between research and real operational environmentA standard is needed to solve Socio-technical issues to implemente R&D projects (ie. FRONTEX) Border control in migration crisis. Applicability and feasibility of the proposed solution (as result of R&D project) in real-world scenarios is low. There ...Legal / Social issues
details 2Standardised hazards and risks GISStandardisation could support to find a common way to MAP hazards and risks. It could support also the communication of Hazards towards the population. ...Data sharing
details 3debriefing processes after operations, also to optimize lessons learnedDebriefPlan debrief procedures beforehandOne should have a standardized debrief plan before the event occurs. Several experts noted that debriefs after an operation is often lacking. This must be conducted more systematically in order to improve the ...Best Practice sharing
details 4a) a standard EU procedure for engaging with member states about cross-border CI, as well as b) a process for managing these identified CIAt present, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) protection varies significantly across CNI sectors as well as across EU nations. While there are already some EU directives in place which ensure standardisation across some CNI (though often more in...Common procedures
details 5Common and standardised template for casualties’ registration A standard methodology to register casualties during mass casualty incidents is needed. Currently, each country and each organisation has its own procedure to register casualties (collected data, data format, type of database -paper/computer- etc.). ...Data sharing
details 6a) certification systems for training in crisis management (generally) and protection against CBRN (specifically)b) categorisation/levels of prepardnessThere is an absence of common certification systems for training in crisis management (generally) and protection against CBRN (specifically). Beside this, there is no mechanism of mutual recognition of certificates across the EU countries. As a first...Training and education
details 7Humanitarian assistanceStandards for humanitarian assistance for accomodations in shelters are missing. Standards to evaluate the real needs from the people...Legal / Social issues
details 8IP communication solutions (like "Voice over IP" - VoIP) for Emergency Services"To prevent IP communication solutions for Emergency Services being unevenly available across Member States, there is a need for a harmonised strategy and standardisation at EC level."...Communication equipment
details 9Semantic interoperability wrt mapping (of objects)Semantic interoperability is needed to make communication possible between users of different Emergency Management Systems, by providing mapping among different classifications at both national and international levels for some commonly used map obje...Common terminology
details 10solutions to respond properly to the social media communityPublic authorities are dependent on industry and SME’s to build solutions to respond properly to the social media community. There is a need for new ways to obtain and analyze (social media) data, but the European market is extremely fragmented. Ther...Common procedures
details 11(Develop a common language for warning (alert and notification):)a) alert libraries (going beyond ISO/DIS 22324 on colour coded alert and ISO/DIS 22322 on publicwarning systems).Develop a common language for warning (alert and notification):a. Develop alert libraries that are applicable in all European countries (going beyond ISO/DIS 22324 on colour coded alert and ISO/DIS 22322 on publicwarning systems)....Community role and communication