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details 1Standard definition of mitigation conceptA standard definition of mitigation concept is needed...Common terminology
details 2Socio-technical gap between research and real operational environmentA standard is needed to solve Socio-technical issues to implemente R&D projects (ie. FRONTEX) Border control in migration crisis. Applicability and feasibility of the proposed solution (as result of R&D project) in real-world scenarios is low. There ...Legal / Social issues
details 3Process and indicators to measures the success of civil protectionThe development of process and indicators to measures the success of civil protection is needed. Different KPIs exists but these are aligned with countries beahaviour and culture...Best Practice sharing
details 4Lack of a common data sharingThere's a lack of a common data sharing also between different operators of the same service (e.g Italian highway network). These have different ways to manage their services and they do not learn from each other....Data sharing
details 5Standardised hazards and risks GISStandardisation could support to find a common way to MAP hazards and risks. It could support also the communication of Hazards towards the population. ...Data sharing
details 6Standardised risk assessmentStandardised way to evaluate risks in infrastructures is needed...Common procedures
details 7a standard reporting system for a lessons learning tool (Training tool)For the lesson learning tool (Training tool), a standard reporting system is the most important need to be addressed....Best Practice sharing
details 8how to process lessons learned, incl. uptake from further organisationsIn the context of fire related emergency, a stakeholder says "A lesson learned becomes so after that a relevant number of people certified the importance of the arguments. I think that after this step it is necessary to standardize the lessons learne...Best Practice sharing
details 9how to conduct lessons learned (data collection/evaluation/implementation of lessons learned)NO standard on how to conduct a lessons learned process, including data collection and evaluation and implementation of imporved practices ...Best Practice sharing
details 10debriefing processes after operations, also to optimize lessons learnedDebriefPlan debrief procedures beforehandOne should have a standardized debrief plan before the event occurs. Several experts noted that debriefs after an operation is often lacking. This must be conducted more systematically in order to improve the ...Best Practice sharing
details 11methodologies for quantification of resilience measures in the context of CIPStandardized methodologies for quantification of resilience measures in the context of CIP...Common procedures
details 12how criticial infrastructures manage risks wrt extreme weather eventsUnderstanding the link between Climate Change (through changing Extreme Weather Events) and subquent Risk towards Critical Infrastructures.Each CI owners/operators and CI policy makers have their own Risk Management approach, which may or may not tak...Common procedures
details 13applications used by CI owners/operators/policy makers to do risk assessementDifferent CI owners/operators/policy makers make use of different applications for doing Risk Assessment: because of this difference in applications, it is difficult to share/compare lessons learned on e.g. mitigation measures. ...Common procedures
details 14risk assessment approach for CIStandard risk assessment approach for cross-border strategic infrastructures...Common procedures
details 15a) a standard EU procedure for engaging with member states about cross-border CI, as well as b) a process for managing these identified CIAt present, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) protection varies significantly across CNI sectors as well as across EU nations. While there are already some EU directives in place which ensure standardisation across some CNI (though often more in...Common procedures
details 16informing/educating the public incl. advice/instructions for appropiate actionsReinforce citizen and local territorial community awareness and involvement, with increased knowledge of risks and available channels for information and advice for appropriate actions (before, during and after the incident)...Community role and communication
details 17learning framework for improving community preparednesslong-term learning framework for improving community preparedness to a wide range of hazards...Community role and communication
details 18Instructions on public behaviour during an emergencyInstructions on public behaviour during an emergency (especially an Earthquake) are not standarized...Community role and communication
details 19Public education on mitigation and prepardness proceduresMitigation and preparedness procedures...Community role and communication
details 20guidelines for risk analysis of building structuresInformation in EUROCODE EN 1991-1-7 is not detailed enough to enable the reader to execute comparable risk analyses for building structures. (source: ELASSTIC D 4.6)...Common procedures
details 21Cyberattack vulnerability metricsCyberattack vulnerability metrics are not defined as standard...Common procedures
details 22sets of meta-data for risk descriptions including co-ordinates,probability, severity, nature of the risk and possible triggersTo define standardised sets of meta-data for risk descriptions including co-ordinates,probability, severity, nature of the risk and possible triggers....Common procedures
details 23classifications related to hazards and meteorological conditions Many classifications related to hazards and meteorological conditions are available throughout the community of practitioners, but none of them is internationally adopted. Nevertheless, they show the real need for a comprehensive taxonomy, making the...Common procedures
details 24methods for characterizing and testing particles and manufactured components on the nanoscaleThe existence of various (different, non-standardized) methods for characterizing and testing particles and manufactured components on the nanoscale.Both Terminolgy and Testing (or Methods of Measuring in this case) are seen as most relevant....Common procedures
details 25national risk assessmentStandardisation might make benchmarking the National Risk Assessment easier. ...Common procedures
details 26Methodology of cost-benefit quantification to Security measures. Methodology standardisation of cost-benefit quantification to Security measures. Terminology of categories for cost is also needed (informatin comes from end-user, Local Police body)...Common procedures
details 27security standard of IoT (Internet of Things) networksthere is not a widely-adopted security standard in the IoT (Internet of Things) world (such as the ISO 27000 for the traditional IT network)...Common procedures
details 28data bases containing relevant (scientific) information wrt floodings to enable risk identificationFlooding - CommunicationRegarding scientific details concerning the floods one should standardize data bases containing relevant information which can be available for the internal and external network for the scientific community and the crisis mana...Common procedures
details 29definition of CI/resilience/risk/extrem weather etc.Common understanding/definition of (what is) Critical Infrastructure, (what is) Resilience, (what is) Risk, and (what is) Extreme Weather;...Common terminology
details 30identification and categorization of risksWe need a common approach to identify risks in order to compare the different risk levels crossborders...Common procedures
details 31Common and standardised template for casualties’ registration A standard methodology to register casualties during mass casualty incidents is needed. Currently, each country and each organisation has its own procedure to register casualties (collected data, data format, type of database -paper/computer- etc.). ...Data sharing
details 32Standard disaster management equimentsStandardisation of the components of disaster preparedness means is needed in case of natural and technological disasters...Equipment
details 33Standard exercises evaluation Currently, trainings are regularly executed by first responders but there’s a relevant lack of evaluation methods that clearly state the success and failure rates of their exercises....Training and education
details 34Standard definition of crisis management team compositionA standard defining a proper crisis management team composition, already in preparedness phase, is needed. Terminology, including the titles of main authorities and organizations dealing with CM and DR has to be addressed...Common terminology
details 35Standardised risk assessment supporting toolA standardised risk assessment supporting tool is needed in order to have a common and shared methodology to evaluate natural/technological/intentional disasters risk thus facilitating communication and cooperation...Common procedures
details 36Spontaneous volunteers regulationA standard is needed to regulate the “use” of spontaneous volunteers: definition of “spontaneous volunteer”, task to be assigned, responsibility of their organisation, etc....Common procedures
details 37Standardised risk management systemsStandardised risk management systems are needed as an evolution of the currently existing ISO in preparedness phase...Common procedures
details 38Standard prepardeness plansA standard is needed defining the steps of preparedness that a region/community has to implement with the oversight of a specific body...Common procedures
details 39Operation Security Plans for CIP Whilst there are some CIP plans, there is a lack of security schemes at EU level. There are guidelines, indeed, from EC and a directive but organisations are not obliged to implement them. Furthermore, the critical infrastructure security plan of a...Common procedures
details 40Common terminology including terms and definitions for all disaster management phases These terms should be discussed and an agreement should be found (e.g., what is resilience, on different services). There's the real need to make sure to avoid misunderstanding and have a common meaning. The focus might be on different groups (e.g., ...Common terminology
details 41Standardisation of how the public should respond to different incidentsHow should people behave in response to an incident. Currently, there are different ways to respond to an incident. Also different ways of educating people. There should be a common way to support first responders and help others...Community role and communication
details 42The role of communitySocietal organisations CSOs (e.g., faith groups) can play a role. This means that responding organisations will have less to do in response when a community plays a role in the response. CSOs should be involved in training and become subject matter e...Community role and communication
details 43Training and exercises for security and crisis managementHow national level are understanding training? What excersises should be held - field, table top? There should be a standard for the training - on the tool or by the tool. Serious gaming and virtual reality are emerging. Standardise training before e...Training and education
details 44Operational side of crisis management How is the data visualised? Some use papers, some use modern technology. Are there any national standards? What should be standardised on the operational, tactical and strategic level? Approach disaster management in a core way - what is a good pract...Data sharing
details 45Community Policing - PEELER Police.Involve all players in policing - include all community, tourists, volunteers, companies/NGOs. They cooperate virtually over the cyber space. Taking avadntage of local knowledge. ...Community role and communication
details 46Methodology against "dinamyc" risksTo reduce the impact of risk that evolves with the climate change, analysis of risk area in Europe (related to Critical infrastructure and climate change) are needed. Define a methodology to implement measures (training/planning..) against these sort...Common procedures
details 47Training for first responders and citizenContent and format of training for first responders and citizen should be standaidised. This standardisation is related to civil protection agencies. There are multiple layers about civil protection like community, regional, national… Organizations w...Training and education
details 48Foster lesson learningHow to learn in crisis disaster? Organizations need to learn how to face specific disasters (investment, number of resources, planning, etc). There is not specific task for each disaster. EUC does not care about the scenario. Learning is a key value....Best Practice sharing
details 49Sharing of capabilitiesInsight into capabilities of partners (other services, crisis partners)is needed in order to have a clear overview of what can they do...Best Practice sharing
details 50Standard trainingStandards on education are needed in order to assure that responders have the same standard/basic knowledge and skills. Inside countries as well as across countries. ...Training and education
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