Dynamic Roadmap

details 1Risk Management for Critical InfrastructuresXX  X X  X X   X    3  
details 2Utility Networks: inventory system of Waste water networksXX   XX  XXX           
details 3EU Common Operational Picture standard  XX X X  X     X    2  
details 4CBRNE attack preparedness XX XX   XX            
details 5CBRN decontamination, detection of people  X X    X             
details 6Procedures and protocols for CBRN related Analysis - from sampling to interpretation XX X    X             
details 7Performance of CBRN protective clothing  X X  X               
details 8European CBRNE Training Framework for First Responders and Crisis Managers; Crisis management certification system for (CBRN) training X  X    X          43 
details 9Crisis management: Terminology and glossary of terms for disaster resilience and crisis management XX X    XX            
details 10Exercising and training in crisis management system for public authorities and first responders. X  XXX  XX   X     4  
details 11Psycho-social support in crisis management  XXX    X             
details 12Use of drones / UAVs for crisis management XX X    X             
details 13Drone Operable Vapor Examiner and Recorder on board multi-rotor UAVs  X XX   XX      X  2  
details 14Use of automated vehicles in search and rescue operations  X X    X             
details 15Early warning systems  X X   XX   X         
details 16EU Common Emergency Metadata standard; Communication and sharing of information during crisis and disasters  X X   XX   XXX    3  
details 17Collection of information during the crisis  X X    X             
details 18Situational awareness: common agreed symbols + alerts  X X    X             
details 19Resilient Management GuidelineXX  X X  X     X    2  
details 20Coastal resilience: Management and policy approaches to increase coastal resilienceXX  X    XX            
details 21Shields and shelters: Metamaterial-based shields for enhanced resilience  X X    X             
details 22Risk and vulnerability analysis of Urban environmentX   XXX  XX    X    2  
details 23Cascading effectsX   XXX  XX    X X  1  
details 24Supply Chain InteroperabilityX   X    X X   X    3  
details 25Best practices to ensure data integrity : Security - integrity        X   X          
details 26Security Operations Center techniques and technologies applied to Air Traffic Monitoring and Great Event Management  X  X    X             
details 27Wearable, smart and connected devices and garments  X X   XX    X     2  
details 28Serious gaming: Open distributed pan-European Environment for serious gaming X  X    X          2  
details 29Use of social media for informing in emergencies  X X    X             
details 30Cross-Border Risk Information Interoperablity; Cross-border interoperability; Interoperability in Crisis and Disaster Management; Protection of Critical National Infrastructure  X X X  X     X    541.5
details 31Specifications/Capabilities for sensors and systems X  X    X             
details 32Certification scheme for security productsX   X X  X             
details 33Requirements for risk analyses for ICT SecurityX       X   X          
details 34Multi sensor for locating entrapped people in the ruins of collapsed buildings  X X    X     X    3  
details 35Use of GIS and satellite data and capabilities in government organisation XX X   XX  X    X  2  
details 36Building communication system - communication system to exchange hazardous information between buildings  X   X X   X          
details 37Disaster databaseXXX X    X             
details 38Best practices of management and interpretation of information related to Volcanic disaster risk managementX   X    X             
details 39Emergency plans and planning of industrial sites X  X    X       X  2  
details 40Laser protection: physical protection from powerful lasers       X               
details 41E-health - data exchange : Communication between hospitals and patients  X X   X              
details 42Biometrics - size of bones : Identification of people  X X                  
details 43Data Analysis / Data mining XX X   XX  X          
details 44Hazard recognition based on algorithms on human behaviour under stress, panic and strong emotions XX X    X             
details 45Blast resistand structures in rail vehiclesX   X X  X             
details 46Crisis, Risk and Emergency Management Evaluation; Integrated Common Framework for Risk-Resilience Assessment; Aligned European Resilience Indicators for Critical Infrastructures.XX  X X  X        X 3  
details 47Crisis communication and warnings: Guidelines for effective communication before, during and after crisis  X X    X     X    5  
details 48Climate risks: Extreme Weather IndicatorsX   X    XX            
details 49Pandemics: Pandemic Risk ManagementX   X    X             
details 50Geohazard prevention: Data collection system related to Volcanic disaster risk managementX   X    X             
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